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We would like to thank all of the truck drivers throughout the country for the work they do!

For all of the late night driving and endless hours that truckers work you are very important parts of society.  Without you our society would not function.  You work late nights, during holidays and many of you are away from your family for long periods of time. 

Truck drivers move America!  Most people don’t know that when they reach for the shelf at the store, buy gas or go to the hardware store for a set of screws, a truck driver delivered it!  Truck drivers are the most utilized yet underappreciated individual many times in our country.  Most people have no idea or clue that truck drivers which are men and women are extremely important for the delivery of goods and services throughout our nation. 

We want to thank truck drivers for your hard work that you put in to make our society and country what it is God Bless all of the 3.2 million truck drivers traveling our roads each and every day!

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